Source code for usdmanager.preferences_dialog

# Copyright 2018 DreamWorks Animation L.L.C.
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.

""" Create a Preferences dialog.

from Qt.QtCore import Slot, QRegExp
from Qt.QtGui import QRegExpValidator
from Qt.QtWidgets import QAbstractButton, QDialog, QDialogButtonBox, QFontDialog, QLineEdit, QMessageBox, QVBoxLayout

from .constants import LINE_LIMIT
from .utils import icon, loadUiWidget

[docs]class PreferencesDialog(QDialog): """ Preferences dialog """ def __init__(self, parent, **kwargs): """ Initialize the dialog. :Parameters: parent : `UsdMngrWindow` Main window """ super(PreferencesDialog, self).__init__(parent, **kwargs) self.docFont = parent.tabWidget.font() self.fileAssociations = {} self.lineEditProgs = [] self.lineEditExts = [] self.setupUi() self.connectSignals()
[docs] def setupUi(self): """ Creates and lays out the widgets defined in the ui file. """ self.baseInstance = loadUiWidget("preferences_dialog.ui", self) self.setWindowIcon(icon("preferences-system")) self.buttonFont.setIcon(icon("preferences-desktop-font")) self.buttonNewProg.setIcon(icon("list-add")) # ----- General tab ----- # Set initial preferences. parent = self.parent() self.checkBox_parseLinks.setChecked(parent.preferences['parseLinks']) self.checkBox_newTab.setChecked(parent.preferences['newTab']) self.checkBox_syntaxHighlighting.setChecked(parent.preferences['syntaxHighlighting']) self.checkBox_teletypeConversion.setChecked(parent.preferences['teletype']) self.checkBox_lineNumbers.setChecked(parent.preferences['lineNumbers']) self.checkBox_showAllMessages.setChecked(parent.preferences['showAllMessages']) self.checkBox_showHiddenFiles.setChecked(parent.preferences['showHiddenFiles']) self.checkBox_autoCompleteAddressBar.setChecked(parent.preferences['autoCompleteAddressBar']) self.useSpacesCheckBox.setChecked(parent.preferences['useSpaces']) self.useSpacesSpinBox.setValue(parent.preferences['tabSpaces']) self.lineEditTextEditor.setText(parent.preferences['textEditor']) self.lineEditDiffTool.setText(parent.preferences['diffTool']) self.themeWidget.setChecked(parent.preferences['theme'] == "dark") self.lineLimitSpinBox.setValue(parent.preferences['lineLimit']) self.checkBox_autoIndent.setChecked(parent.preferences['autoIndent']) self.updateFontLabel() # ----- Programs tab ----- self.progLayout = QVBoxLayout() self.extLayout = QVBoxLayout() # Extensions can only be: <optional .><alphanumeric><optional comma><optional space> #self.progValidator = QRegExpValidator(QRegExp("[\w,. ]+"), self) self.extValidator = QRegExpValidator(QRegExp(r"(?:\.?\w*,?\s*)+"), self) self.lineEdit.setValidator(self.extValidator) # Create the fields for programs and extensions. self.populateProgsAndExts(parent.programs)
[docs] def connectSignals(self): """ Connect signals to slots. """ self.buttonBox.clicked.connect(self.restoreDefaults) self.buttonNewProg.clicked.connect(self.newProgField) self.buttonBox.accepted.connect(self.validate) self.buttonFont.clicked.connect(self.selectFont)
[docs] def deleteItems(self, layout): """ Delete all items in given layout. :Parameters: layout : `QLayout` Layout to delete items from """ if layout is not None: while layout.count(): item = layout.takeAt(0) widget = item.widget() if widget is not None: widget.deleteLater() else: self.deleteItems(item.layout())
[docs] def getPrefFont(self): """ Get the user preference for font. :Returns: Font selected for documents. :Rtype: `QFont` """ return self.docFont
[docs] def getPrefLineNumbers(self): """ Get the user preference for displaying line numbers. :Returns: State of "Show line numbers" check box. :Rtype: `bool` """ return self.checkBox_lineNumbers.isChecked()
[docs] def getPrefNewTab(self): """ Get the user preference for opening links in a new tab or not. :Returns: State of "Open links in new tabs" check box. :Rtype: `bool` """ return self.checkBox_newTab.isChecked()
[docs] def getPrefPrograms(self): """ Get the user preference for file extensions and apps to open them with. :Returns: Dictionary of extension: program pairs of strings. :Rtype: `dict` """ return self.fileAssociations
[docs] def getPrefShowAllMessages(self): """ Get the user preference to display all messages or just errors. :Returns: State of "Show success messages" check box. :Rtype: `bool` """ return self.checkBox_showAllMessages.isChecked()
[docs] def getPrefShowHiddenFiles(self): """ Get the user preference for showing hidden files by default. :Returns: State of "Show hidden files" check box. :Rtype: `bool` """ return self.checkBox_showHiddenFiles.isChecked()
[docs] def getPrefAutoCompleteAddressBar(self): """ Get the user preference for enabling address bar auto-completion. :Returns: State of "Auto complete paths in address bar" check box. :Rtype: `bool` """ return self.checkBox_autoCompleteAddressBar.isChecked()
[docs] def getPrefLineLimit(self): """ Get the user preference for line limit before truncating files. :Returns: Number of lines to display before truncating a file. :Rtype: `int` """ return self.lineLimitSpinBox.value()
[docs] def getPrefSyntaxHighlighting(self): """ Get the user preference to enable syntax highlighting. :Returns: State of "Enable syntax highlighting" check box. :Rtype: `bool` """ return self.checkBox_syntaxHighlighting.isChecked()
[docs] def getPrefTeletypeConversion(self): """ Get the user preference to enable teletype character conversion. :Returns: State of "Display teletype colors" check box. :Rtype: `bool` """ return self.checkBox_teletypeConversion.isChecked()
[docs] def getPrefTextEditor(self): """ Get the user-preferred text editor. :Returns: Text in Text editor QTextEdit. :Rtype: `str` """ return self.lineEditTextEditor.text()
[docs] def getPrefTheme(self): """ Get the selected theme. We may eventually make this a combo box supporting multiple themes, so use the string name instead of just a boolean. :Returns: Selected theme name, or None if the default :Rtype: `str` | None """ return "dark" if self.themeWidget.isChecked() else None
[docs] def getPrefUseSpaces(self): """ Get the user preference for spaces vs. tabs. :Returns: State of "Use spaces instead of tabs" check box. :Rtype: `bool` """ return self.useSpacesCheckBox.isChecked()
[docs] def getPrefTabSpaces(self): """ Get the user preference for number of spaces equaling a tab. :Returns: Number of spaces to use instead of a tab. Only use this number of use spaces is also True. :Rtype: `int` """ return self.useSpacesSpinBox.value()
[docs] def getPrefAutoIndent(self): """ Get the user preference for auto-indentation. :Returns: State of "Use auto indentation" check box. :Rtype: `bool` """ return self.checkBox_autoIndent.isChecked()
[docs] def getPrefDiffTool(self): """ Get the user preference for diff tool. :Returns: Text in Diff tool QTextEdit. :Rtype: `str` """ return self.lineEditDiffTool.text()
[docs] @Slot(bool) def newProgField(self, *args): """ Add a new line to the programs list. """ self.lineEditProgs.append(QLineEdit(self)) self.progLayout.addWidget(self.lineEditProgs[len(self.lineEditProgs)-1]) self.lineEditExts.append(QLineEdit(self)) self.extLayout.addWidget(self.lineEditExts[len(self.lineEditExts)-1])
[docs] def populateProgsAndExts(self, programs): """ Fill out the UI with the user preference for programs and extensions. :Parameters: programs : `dict` Dictionary of extension: program pairs of strings. """ self.lineEditProgs = [] self.lineEditExts = [] # Get unique programs. tmpSet = set() progs = [x for x in programs.values() if x not in tmpSet and not tmpSet.add(x)] del tmpSet progs.sort() # Get extensions per program. exts = [] for prog in progs: # Find each extension matching this program. progExts = ["."+x for x in programs if programs[x] == prog] progExts.sort() # Format in comma-separated list for display. exts.append(", ".join(progExts)) # Put the files that should open with this app in their own place. # Then remove them from these lists. index = progs.index("") progs.pop(index) self.lineEdit.setText(exts[index]) exts.pop(index) del index for i, prog in enumerate(progs): # Create and populate two QLineEdit objects per extension: program pair. self.lineEditProgs.append(QLineEdit(prog, self)) #self.lineEditProgs[i].setValidator(self.progValidator) self.progLayout.addWidget(self.lineEditProgs[i]) self.lineEditExts.append(QLineEdit(exts[i], self)) self.lineEditExts[i].setValidator(self.extValidator) self.extLayout.addWidget(self.lineEditExts[i]) self.progWidget.setLayout(self.progLayout) self.extWidget.setLayout(self.extLayout)
[docs] @Slot(QAbstractButton) def restoreDefaults(self, btn): """ Restore the GUI to the program's default settings. Don't update the actual preferences (that happens if OK is pressed). """ if btn == self.buttonBox.button(QDialogButtonBox.RestoreDefaults): # Delete old QLineEdit objects. self.deleteItems(self.progLayout) self.deleteItems(self.extLayout) # Set other preferences in the GUI. default = self.parent().window().app.DEFAULTS self.checkBox_parseLinks.setChecked(default['parseLinks']) self.checkBox_newTab.setChecked(default['newTab']) self.checkBox_syntaxHighlighting.setChecked(default['syntaxHighlighting']) self.checkBox_teletypeConversion.setChecked(default['teletype']) self.checkBox_lineNumbers.setChecked(default['lineNumbers']) self.checkBox_showAllMessages.setChecked(default['showAllMessages']) self.checkBox_showHiddenFiles.setChecked(default['showHiddenFiles']) self.checkBox_autoCompleteAddressBar.setChecked(default['autoCompleteAddressBar']) self.lineEditTextEditor.setText(default['textEditor']) self.lineEditDiffTool.setText(default['diffTool']) self.useSpacesCheckBox.setChecked(default['useSpaces']) self.useSpacesSpinBox.setValue(default['tabSpaces']) self.themeWidget.setChecked(False) self.docFont = default['font'] self.updateFontLabel() self.lineLimitSpinBox.setValue(default['lineLimit']) self.checkBox_autoIndent.setChecked(default['autoIndent']) # Re-create file association fields with the default programs. self.populateProgsAndExts(self.parent().defaultPrograms)
[docs] @Slot(bool) def selectFont(self, *args): """ Update the user's font preference. """ font, ok = QFontDialog.getFont(self.docFont, self, "Select Font") if ok: self.docFont = font self.updateFontLabel()
[docs] def updateFontLabel(self): """ Update the UI font label to show the user's selected font. """ bold = "Bold " if self.docFont.bold() else "" italic = "Italic " if self.docFont.italic() else "" self.labelFont.setText("Document font: {}pt {}{}{}".format(self.docFont.pointSize(), bold, italic,
[docs] @Slot() def validate(self): """ Make sure everything has valid input. Make sure there are no duplicate extensions. Accepts or rejects accepted() signal accordingly. """ for lineEdit in self.lineEditExts: if lineEdit.hasAcceptableInput(): lineEdit.setStyleSheet("background-color:none") else: lineEdit.setStyleSheet("background-color:salmon") QMessageBox.warning(self, "Warning", "One or more extension is invalid.") return # Get file extensions for this app to handle. extText = self.lineEdit.text() # Strip out periods and spaces. extText = extText.replace(' ', '').replace('.', '') progList = [[x, ""] for x in extText.split(',') if x] for i in range(len(self.lineEditProgs)): extText = self.lineEditExts[i].text() progText = self.lineEditProgs[i].text() extText = extText.replace(' ', '').replace('.', '') for ext in extText.split(','): if ext: progList.append([ext, progText]) # Make sure there aren't any duplicate extensions. tmpSet = set() uniqueExt = [ext for ext, prog in progList if ext not in tmpSet and not tmpSet.add(ext)] if len(uniqueExt) == len(progList): self.fileAssociations = dict(progList) else: QMessageBox.warning(self, "Warning", "You have entered the same extension for two or more programs.") return # Accept if we made it this far. self.accept()